Types of Touring Kayaks in Phuket


thailand sit-inside kayaksSea Kayaking Thailand in Phuket is the only company in southern Thailand with a large fleet of proper traditional touring sea kayaks.


With a traditional touring kayak, the paddler is an intimate part of the boat. The paddler’s feet are resting on footrest and his/her knees are pressed against “thigh braces”. Modern kayaks have very comfortable seats. To customize the seat and to gain more control, many paddlers attach hip pads to the sides of the seat. This increases the control, it’s something that cannot be done with an inflatable and it would be very difficult with a sit-on-top. Some sit-on-top boats have a thigh strap option. This is still not as secure as a rigid deck to brace against.


A more rounded hull, like those of the majority of sea kayaks, allows the paddler to recover stability with a brace. Leaning is also a sign of an experienced paddler. It is used to enhance a turn or to surf sideways on a wave.


The key to understanding why sea kayaks are a better choice for anything except the above situations is the efficient use of energy. In a given period of time, a person will take a certain number of strokes, requiring a certain amount of energy output. When paddling either an inflatable or a sit-on-top, the expenditure of energy produces limited progress.

Neither craft is well-suited to distance paddling or ocean conditions. When paddling a traditional sea kayak, the entire design and construction of the boat is aimed at maximizing energy efficiency.

There is a joy in being in a long, sleek, efficient kayak that reaches back in time to the very early days of kayak development.


The pleasure of exploring the rocky coast or headland of a lovely island is best experienced not in a noisy longtail boat, nor a fast powerboat, not even in a yacht.

To be near the rocks, watching sea birds and crabs, looking down at coral and fish; this celebration of tropical ocean touring is best done under one's own power, in a fast, maneuverable, stable sit-inside sea kayak.



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