Phang Nga Bay sea kayaking

Phang Nga Bay Kayaking Tours

Wrtten by Finnish Traveler Satu Hyrkäs


Phang Nga Bay kayaking toursDay 1


My kayaking trip started with a tasty Thai breakfast at a local coffee shop on Koh Yao Noi Island. With a stomach full of delicious sticky rice we headed for the pier. A short longtail boat voyage to the Phang Nga Bay area and we were ready to start paddling. I could not believe my eyes, the small islands were even more beautiful than in the pictures I’ve seen.


At first I felt that I couldn’t get the kayak moving, but in just few moments I got the hang of it and started really enjoying paddling. The first huge jellyfish we saw made me realise where I was really kayaking on the sea!


We saw jellyfish in all sizes, crabs, jumping fish, birds and of course the beautiful islands and beaches of Phang Nga Bay. We had a lunch on the beach in Thai style and it truly was the best lunch you could ask for. After some more paddling we headed back to the resort for a shower and walk on the beach before dinner.


Dinner was at a local restaurant and of course we ate only Thai food, when in Thailand, why not enjoy every bit of it. After some pineapple smoothies, fresh fish, squid and Tom Ka Gai soup I was feeling happy, relaxed and ready for bed.


Phang Nga Bay kayaking toursDay 2


This day was full of beautiful scenery and action. It started again with my favourite breakfast, Thai breakfast! But after that everything was new and exciting. We paddled around an island and also got the feel for few waves which was so much fun and exciting at the same time. After lunch we headed closer to the Krabi area and the mangrove forest.


So beautiful and peaceful…Until…we were ambushed by a group of friendly monkeys. I made new friends right then and there and they were nice enough to come greet me on my kayak. What an awesome moment to remember!!


Day 3


This day gave me a peaceful mind and left me hungry for more kayaking and adventures in Thailand as well as more Nature in secluded surroundings. During that day we only saw two longtail boats and rest of the time I could only hear the wonderful wildlife.


Our Thai guide, Run, was polite and friendly and was always more than happy to answer all our questions. He likes to make people smile and with that attitude he made our trip even more fun.


I fell in love with Koh Yao Noi, it’s calm atmosphere and paradise-like scenery and now every time I come back to Thailand I will not miss the chance to visit this magical island.


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