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It is arguably just as important as the tour destination. Our team creates a mood that's both serene and exciting. We the most highly skilled paddlers in all of southern Thailand and possibly all of Southeast Asia.

Sea Kayaking Thailand/Paddle Asia is a small company dedicated to providing you with a very personal experience with nature.


Paddle Asia is a 100% Thai-owned company.

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Jumrat 'Run' Rengsamut - Owner of Seakayaking Thailand and Lead Guide



Run is the owner of Seakayaking thailand and the lead guide. He has been in the paddling industry for over two decades!

He has wonderful personalities with a strong desire to make sure that your valuable vacation is both safe and extremely fun.

Run is completely fluent in English. He is first aid / CPR certified by Emergency First Response. Run is also the mountain biking guide.

All of our guides were born and raised on Ko Yao Noi in Phang Nga Bay.

Moo, Mook and Dave Walaporn "Moo" Jitprathep - Director


Moo was born and raised in Bangkok. She moved to Phuket over a decade ago. She has a love for life that is beyond words. For some strange reason, she's always happy...


Moo comes from a dirt-poor family and only had six years of formal education. Her family simply couldn't afford to keep her in school. Still, she made it a point to keep learning. Moo taught herself English! Not only is she fluent in spoken English, but she is very good at reading and writing.

Moo and Dave have been married since 1993.


Moo is the Director of Paddle Asia Co. Ltd. She is also a guide, tour leader, cooks at times, and helps with trip planning and coordinating. If Moo is on your tour, you'll be taken very good care of.


 Whatsapp contact: +66 81 893 6558

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