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Phang Nga Bay offers stunning and dramatic scenery through its bizarre limestone rock formations and each visit offers a new perspective thanks to ever-changing light conditions and periodical wildlife sightings. We offer you a chance to see the bay at a gentle pace in a traditional decked kayak. Our tours focus on nature and culture. Kayaks are simply the most alluring way to explore the bay. Click any photo to see a larger version.


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Phang Nga Bay cave canoeing sea kayaking through a cave in Phang Nga Bay Paddling in Phang Nga Bay National Park near Phuket Thailand limestone cliffs kayaking Sea kayaking near Phuket Thailand

Canoeing through a cave in Phang Nga Bay Kayaking in a mangrove forest Krabi cave sea canoeing in Phang Nga Bay Sunset sea canoeing near Phuket Island camping in small groups

Phang Nga nature tour at its best



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