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John Owens family - Khao Sok

"We had a great trip and enjoyed every minute of it. Tom was extremely professional, good company and great at passing on his extensive knowledge as well as having extremely good eyesight! We were really pleased to visit such a quiet part of Khao Sok and the bungalows are very well placed with some great bays and inlets to explore. We also really enjoyed the walks we did and the waterfall climbs."


Robyn Leggatt - Khao Sok and Phang Nga Bay


"Just thought I would drop you a note to say how spectacularly wonderful our recent trip to Khao Sok and Phang Nga Bay was. I would like to congratulate Nipon [Tom] on his ability to deliver a quality experience. He is an intelligent and knowledgeable guide who continually provided a commentary that dramatically improved our understandings of the culture, wildlife and locations we traveled to. He also shared with us the most amazing experience of watching 3 elephants play, swim and cavort with one another for over three hours. One of the highlights of my life. This was on top of seeing a wide array of other wildlife.


Nipon was also warm, humorous and willing to go out of his way to ensure everything was as good as it could be, planning the trip to ensure we had a good balance between challenge and relaxation! He is most definitely a wonderful asset and ambassador for your company. The accommodation was excellent, the food beautiful and people at the floating bungalows and Passai Beach were friendly, warm and accommodating. The Thai people also made us feel welcome wherever we went and the whole experience has created a desire to return and adventure further into this beautiful country.


Once again thankyou to Nipon for providing a trip to remember!!!"


Ann Campbell - Khao Sok and Phang Nga Bay


I recently returned from a trip with my friend, Robyn Leggatt for three days in Khao Sok and 3 days in Phang Nga Bay. We had an absolutely incredible time. Our guide Tom was unbelievable. He looked after our every need and made sure that everything was perfect for us. I have never been on a trip where a guide does so much to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday and also learn so much about his country. He organised everything and we just had to wait to be told what we would be doing and it happened, and it was always interesting and lots of fun. We loved Khao Sok, saw some amazing wildlife including three elephants!! The bungalows were perfect and the food scrumptious. We also were really impressed with Phang Nga Bay.


Again the accommodation in the beach bungalows was fantastic and the kayaking varied with really spectacular scenery.

I had not been to Thailand before and definitely will return after this trip. I like to be busy on holidays and this trip made each day a different adventure. I returned home refreshed and exhilarated.


Thank you and congratulations on your organisation of such fantastic trips.


Josh Lew on Khao Sok National Park


Just got back from the trip in Khao Sok. Unfortunately, I had one problem with it: on the last morning Tom told me that we'd see elephants at 8:59. However, we did not actually see the elephants until well after 10. Indeed, they didn't even make their presence known to us until some point long after the scheduled time. And then we had to track them in the kayaks as they foraged in the forest before they deigned to appear some time later. Tom blames me for the delay since I was playing with Dik-Duk and Samsee before leaving, but still, you call that service? Even granting that it was a trifle unrealistic to expect to see a Kingfisher riding the elephant, as Tom and I had discussed on an earlier day, a late elephant appearance is still a late elephant appearance. :)


The trip was absolutely phenomenal. I'll write more singing Tom's praises later, but for now here's a link to photos of the elephants, which we did indeed see on our last morning. Everything was absolutely fantastic during the four days except for the fact that it had to end, though if I had more books with me I might just have taken up permanent residence in bungalow #2...


Thanks for your help, and of course thanks to Moo, and to Tom and everybody at the bungalows who made it such a warm, friendly and tremendous experience.


Stephen Darley (Australian living in Bangkok) on Khao Sok National Park


"...your [Dave's] enthusiasm for thailand and its natural heritage and particularly your interest in life sciences was enlightening.


Mark Strickland: professional underwater photographer & author
(American living in Thailand) on Khao Sok National Park


I can't say enough about our fantastic trip to Thailand's Khao Sok National Park with PaddleAsia. It was a great experience from start to finish - well organized but flexible itinerary, with just the right combination of paddling adventures and relaxation. The scenery is absolutely spectacular - we explored miles of pristine shoreline, bordered by towering, limestone mountains and verdant tropical jungle. The accommodations were a special treat - floating bamboo bungalows, snuggled into a remote corner of an immense lake. Food was simple but delicious, and our hosts certainly lived up to the tradition of Thai hospitality. And, amazing at it may seem, surrounded as we were by tropical fresh water, there were no mosquitoes! Starting each day waking up to the sounds of gibbons and other jungle dwellers was an experience not to be forgotten. What really made the trip unique, however, was the wildlife viewing. Thanks to Dave's expertise, we paddled to just the right places to see a wide range of creatures - primates like dusky langurs, pig-tailed macaques and white-faced gibbons, and lots of bird life, including several types of eagles, hawks, and 3 different species of hornbills. We even saw wild pigs feeding at water's edge. It would have been enough just to see these creatures, but Dave made it all the more interesting by identifying each animal and educating us about their habits. On top of all this, we also spent part of one day doing a very scenic hike that led to an amazing cave system. Our Thai guide led us along a subterranean stream bed through an incredible maze of underground grottos and passages, complete with stalactites, bats and blind catfish. It was icing on the cake! All in all a thoroughly enjoyable trip that we would love to do again - keep up the good work guys! Mark's Photo Gallery


Steve Bragg (British) on Khao Sok National Park


"Khao Sok, absolutely amazing, I can't think of a nicer or more tranquil way to experience the jungle than by Kayak. It was good for my son [8 years old] as well, although he was a little freaked when he realized he was actually doing it, rather than seeing it on TV, but that soon passed. Kids are quick learners. What a bonus, before we left he was imitating the gibbon calls around the bungalows and it seemed very much that they was replying to him, who knows?"


Bob Brodersen (Californian University Professor) on birding in Khao Sok


"It was a great trip. Dave's a fantastic birder. I got 28 new species!"

John Furman (American) on Phang Nga


We had an incredible trip, exceeded our expectations, and are eager to do it again. Dave was always good natured, engaging, and knowledgeable...and didn't put any pressure on us to achieve great paddling feats! This made it a lot more relaxing. Thanks again.


Lisa Priestley (American) on Phang Nga Bay


"We had a GREAT time! Dave was terrific and we really appreciated how he was able to arrange no other tourists or even fishing boats our first day out --- we had the islands completely to ourselves!!!!"


Kimberley McGrandle (Canadian living in Hong Kong) on Phang Nga and Khao Sok


"You're the greatest kayak company in the world!"


Jane Betts (British) on Khao Sok National Park


" was all great fun and extremely interesting - the bird life and the monkeys were amazing. All in all the experience was one I wouldn't have missed for the world. The days were spent paddling gently around this vast (165 sq mile) reservoir in a National Park of 650 sq mls. The scenery was also amazing."


Tabitha Bond and Rebecca Bond [sisters]--(British - living in Bangkok) on the paddle training


"We both had a great time and just want to learn more."

Peter Bond (British - living in Bangkok)


"Rebecca and Tabitha [Peter's daughters] have just returned to Bkk [Bangkok] full of praises for your outfit. Well done, they are not the easiest people to please so you deserve full marks...."


Edward Persse (British) on Khao Sok National Park


"My head and my heart are however full of the sounds, smells and images of the Khao Sok National Park. I will always remember sitting back in my kayak and gazing at whole troops of gibbon and monkey sharing a tree and gorging themselves on fruit, of the call of gibbon, all the hornbills, kingfishers and eagles. Thank you both so much for taking so much trouble to ensure this part of our honeymoon was perfect. Thank you particularly for waiting for a whole morning for us to cross from Ko Racha Yai when the sea was rough, your patience in teaching us how to paddle, your humour and genuine knowledge and respect for the flora and fauna of the park."


Clas Hagelstam (Finnish - 72 years young!) on Khao Sok National Park


"Please accept Markku's and my warm thanks for an excellent week of paddling in Thailand. We had a great time - good value for money."


Suvimon Kanchanasthira (Finnish/Thai international school student) on Khao Sok National Park


"I truly enjoyed the trip and would go back at any time. Oh, if I just would have the chance to. I learned a lot from you. It was an educational experience to go and look for the animals."


Sinthu Satawiriya (Thai international school student) on Khao Sok National Park


"Thank you very much for teaching us how to kayak. I thought it was a really fun learning experience and I'm sure I'll be trying it sometime again in future, maybe next time I will be able to do the Eskimo roll. Thanks to you, the trip was both fun and educational!"


Andy You (Japanese/Taiwanese international school student) on Khao Sok National Park


"Without you I would never find out the side of me that I found out in Khao Sok. I can still remember that initial moment we first that we arrived that tranquil, serene, secluded inlet of the rainforest where the bungalows buoyed. Absolutely sensational and tremendous! Since "you guys", I have been really into Kayaking/Paddling, I am starting my own Kayaking Club in ISB, so I will be needing you very soon again! I was truly inspired by the energy and life in your spirit when we paddled.


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