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kayaking in khao sok lakeKhao Sok National Park Lake Kayaking Tour


Our Khao Sok National Park lake expedition is aptly labeled as a soft adventure. It's our easiest and best tour for wildlife and jungle exploration.


The pace is very slow and easy as the main focus of this trip is spotting wildlife. The birding in Khao Sok National Park is superb and the wildlife sightings are astonishing.


We visit the 165 squre kilometer reservoir known as Cheow Lan Lake. The actual national park part of Khao Sok incorporates the reservoir and covers 446 square kilometers! The park also shares borders with Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary and some other smaller national parks.


The floating bungalows that we use are owned by the national park. These bungalows are fairly basic, but that also means low impact, which melds well with our environmental ethics.


Hornbills are actually common. We frequently see several species. We see Great Hornbills, Bushy-crested Hornbills, Wreathed Hornbills and Helmeted Hornbills on almost every trip. White-crowned Hornbills and Plain-pouched Hornbills are sometimes seen.If you’ve never seen a hornbill, this will be a very special treat.


great hornbillHornbills aren't the only birds we see. Serious birders can easily add a plethora of tropical birds to their life lists. A large number of kingfishers reside in the area, along with dozens upon dozens of other colorful birds.


Dave and team have sighted and are familiar with most of the birds in southern Thailand. You don’t have to be a seasoned birder to enjoy the pleasures of birding in this tropical wonderland.

Check out our sister site Thailand Birding for complete info.


Khao Sok Wildlife sightings


Long-tailed macaques (monkeys), pig-tail macaques, dusky langurs (monkeys), gibbons (apes) and even wild elephants are seen on most trips. One thing is inevitable, you’ll see and/or hear monkeys! We’ve had numerous close-up wild pig sightings. Wild Asian Elephants are in the park. Check out our wild elephant image gallery.


We've seen Malayan Tapir, Stump-tailed Macaques, Yellow-throated Martens and Serow (a type of mountain goat) in the past.

Orchids are plentiful at Khao Sok. The best time of year to see them in bloom is from late February through April. However, we find the orchid plants to be interesting and unique.


Guest's comments: John Atherton (British)

Despite being middle-aged novice paddlers the Kao Sok Trip was a fascinating experience. Dave Williams is both a kayaking expert and a top bird spotter. His patience on the water enabled us to learn a great deal about handling a kayak AND about birds whilst still relaxing and enjoying the holiday. During the four days we saw nearly thirty different birds (some rare), many being recognized by Dave by their sound before we had sight of them. The tranquility of the water shortly after dawn will bring back happy memories for a long time to come.


White-handed GibbonIf soft adventure travel is appealing to you, Khao Sok is your best choice in southern Thailand. Nowhere else comes close to the amount of wildlife you'll see in Khao Sok. The only way you're going to see this abundant wildlife is from a kayak.


We also do some hiking. We don't go where others go as a rule. We prefer to find our own trails and we've found a lot of nice ones. However, two of the nicest hikes are also popular. We try to time it so we do not meet other travelers.


We have a variety of hikes where no one else goes.


The Khao Sok veiwpoint and the Nam Talu Cave hikes are two of the highlights of any visit.


Click here to see a map of Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park.


Guest's comments: Mark Strickland (American)

I can't say enough about our fantastic trip to Thailand's Khao Sok National Park with PaddleAsia. It was a great experience from start to finish - well organized but flexible itinerary, with just the right combination of paddling adventures and relaxation. The scenery is absolutely spectacular - we explored miles of pristine shoreline, bordered by towering, limestone mountains and verdant tropical jungle. Thanks to Dave's expertise, we paddled to just the right places to see a wide range of creatures - primates like dusky langurs, pig-tailed macaques and white-handed gibbons, and lots of bird life, including several types of eagles, hawks, and 3 different species of hornbills. We even saw wild pigs feeding at water's edge.


We stay in unique floating bamboo bungalows in a remote area of the massive reservoir.


Khao Sok lake elephantThese bungalows are very basic. They are made out of low impact material. Bamboo and thatched roofs provide a very simple and environmentally-friendly shelter which fits well with the jungle surroundings. There is electricity in the bungalows, the restaurant and toilets, but it is supplied by a generator.


The shared toilets are clean and adequate. The bungalows have firm mattresses. The floating walkways to the bungalows and toilets are not well maintained, and require attention to foot placement. These accommodations are not up to normal Sea Kayaking Thailand standard.



These bungalows are owned and operated by the national park, they are not owned by Sea Kayaking Thailand! Most guests find them unique, charming, and comfortable.


The jungle solitude and the joy of kayaking amidst the profusion of birds and wildlife bring us back here time after time.


You'll want a closer view of the animals so make sure you bring binoculars.


For complete information on kayaking in Khao Sok, including photos, rates, schedules and intineraries, please visit our sister site Paddle Asia.Thailand guide Khao Sok

Thai Guide


Mr. Bao leads most Khao Sok trips. He also runs the survival courses. Dave only goes on big group trips and school group trips, because Thai law dictates that all guides must be Thai.


Mr. Bao is fluent in English and is certified in first aid to international standards by Emergency First Response. You're in good hands.


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Certification in CPR & First Aid

Dave is an Emergency First Response Instructor and a certified rescue technician through the Rescue 3 International organization. View certifications. All of our professional guides are certified in CPR and First Aid.

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